Tripel: Coconut, The Bible & Glassware

What's Tripel?

Tripel is a series of posts that highlight three things that we are really into at the moment. They feature things like books, gear, beer or anything really. Why tripel? If you haven't noticed we tend to stick to T's around here. Featuring three things is a nice way to keep you updated on some things that we are currently enjoying. As far as the spelling goes (tripel instead of triple), it's a reference to the Belgian beer style called Tripel. Enjoy!

Lupu-Luau IPA - Dogfish Head

This straw gold IPA transports you to the land of luaus with a laid back, tropical party for your mouth. Unlike a lot of other tropical hazy IPAs, this one takes the beer in a different direction. Yes there's both tropical fruit flavors and pineapple aromas, but the coconut is what this beer is all about. You'll sense coconut throughout which plays into the smooth mouthfeel as well. It may be 7.3% ABV, but its pale, light body makes it an amazingly balanced beer.

The Beer Bible - Jeff Alworth

We have quite the collection of beer books here at Tangleleg Tales. We love expanding our knowledge, and books like these are part of the reason that we started all of this. We first discovered Jeff Alworth's writing on Good Beer Hunting and have been a big fan since. The Beer Bible covers just about every style and presents it in a friendly and welcoming way. Unlike similar books out there, this is far from a dry and boring read. This isn't fluffy marketing writing either, the core of the book contains valuable information and it's presented in an easy to understand format. There are stories intertwined with each beer style and brewery mentioned, which is one of the reasons that we find it so enjoyable. Typically at the end each chapter there is also a deeper dive into one of the breweries that is best known for that particular style. Overall you'll learn a lot and have a good time doing so. 

Tulip Beer Glass - Spiegelau

There is an endless array of beer glassware out there today including classic and modern interpretations for every style of beer. You could certainly have a different glass for every single beer that you drink if you had the funds and the room to store them. We were trying to keep it simple and were looking for an all around great glass to enjoy many different styles. That lead us to the classic beer tulip, sometimes referred to as a Belgian beer glass. The glass of this short stemmed tulip is blown especially thin for a number of reasons. It helps keep it colder and it enhances the perception of mouthfeel and taste. The shape helps support and deliver the aromas and flavors directly to your nose and mouth. Ditch your old American shaker pint and upgrade to some real glassware. You and your beer both deserve it.

Nick Naretto