Butler Brew Crawl - Stop 4: Recon Brewing


Typically when you're looking to go out on a Saturday night and visit a few breweries, you head downtown. A lot of times they can be found nestled into nooks throughout the city and many are in places that are being revitalized. With the amount of new breweries popping up in the Pittsburgh area there are also some other routes to enjoy. For a change of pace, we decided to head in the opposite direction and went north to Butler. 

We traveled to four different breweries in one night, all located in Butler County. As with any voyage like this you'll want to make sure that you have a designated driver because there are some miles between some of them. One perk is that won’t find yourself driving in circles looking for a place to park or fighting crowds. Some have their own parking lot and others have ample parking close by.

Stop 4: Recon Brewing

After visiting three great breweries, the group and I decided to tack on one last stop. We roll in about one hour before close so our visit is a relativity short one. We all grab our final beer for the evening and I choose the Beyond Saison and most of the others opt for RYEding Dirty.

As we enjoy our beers as we reflect on the journey that we took this evening. Though our stay here is a short one, I left thinking that I need to get back there to try some more of their beers! 

Nick Naretto